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  • ACE Keshaamrut Kit
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ACE Keshaamrut Kit

  • Keshaamrut Hair Oil

  • Keshoamrut Hair Lotion

  • Keshaamrut Tablets

Composition: Each 100ml oil contains: v/w

Til oil:                           60ml
Nagarmotha Roots:  5g
Coconut oil:                40ml
Mehendi Leaves:       2g
Amla Fruit:                 15g
Bhringraj Leaves:      10g
Methi Seeds:               3g
Kamal Phool:              3g
Brahmi Leaves:          3g
Jaswand Phool:          1g


Til Oil: It helps in hair growth, treating premature greying, strengthening hair roots & revitalizing damaged hair.

Coconut Oil: It is rich in Vitamin E, K & Iron. Coconut oil Prevents hair loss, boost blood circulation of scalp. It also ensures soft & supple hair.

Amla: Amla helps in hair conditioning, hair growth and better scalp health. It also prevents dandruff & reduces hair greying.

Bhringraj: Reduces hair fall, prevents greying of hair & maintains better hair health.

Jaswant Phool: It is rich in vitamin-C & amino acids. Helps in preventing premature greying of hair.

Nagarmotha Roots: It helps to grow new hair by stimulating hair roots.

Methi Seeds: It is a rich source of number of elements for thickening of hair. It also gives you lustrous healthy hair.

Brahmi leaves: Relieves tension and stress. Relaxes the nerves and helps better circulation in the brain and scalp. It works as an all-round herb for hair treatment with multiple benefits.

Mehendi Leaves: Balancing the Ph of the scalp is one of the most important factor of the treatment to show any signs of success and mehendi leaves helps in balancing Ph.

Kamal Phool: It helps to increase the volume, strength and elasticity of the brittle hair.


Pack size: 100ml Bottle.

Direction of Application: Apply sufficient quantity on the scalp (hair root) with finger tips leave it overnight. For better results wash with Keshoamrut hair lotion. Recommended to be applied 3-4 times in a week.





Each 100ml contains:

Methi Beej:           10mg
Neem Patra:        30mg
Nimbu Swaras:    5mg
Aloe Juice:             100mg
Shikakai:               100mg
Aritha:                   100mg
Amla:                     100mg
Mehendi:               50mg


SHIKAKAI: There are multiple benefits of this great natural herb from cleaning to preventing greying of hair. It helps to stimulate growth.

Aritha: Aritha cleans hair from its root. It clears dandruff, prevents dandruff and thereby prevents excessive hair foliage. Also stimulates hair roots to activate growth.

Amla: Used as hair conditioner. Helps to clean and prevent dandruff.

Methi Seeds: It is a rich source of number of elements for thickening of hair. It also gives you lustrous healthy hair.

Neem leaves: Neem leaves give cleansing effect on the scalp.

Nimbu Swaras: Nimbu Swaras cleans and prevents dandruff.

Packing: 200ML.

Direction for use:

Take sufficient quantity apply on scalp, foam and wash. Repeat if required.


Do not use on broken, wounded or damaged skin. Keep in a cool and dry place & away from direct sunlight or heat.


Each 550mg coated tablets contains:

Amlaki Ghana                                    140mg

Mandukparnee Ghana                      140mg

Bhringraj Ghana                                140mg

Kumari Swaras                                   60mg

Methi Powder                                     70mg


Amla & Bhringraj:

Amla is a natural source of vitamin C.  Amla & Bhringraj both are considered as best hair tonic.


Helps to increase circulation of blood in the scalp, thus playing an important role in nourishing the scalp, controlling hair fall and promoting hair re-growth.


Used to treat dandruff & promote hair growth.

Kumari Swaras:

Aloe Vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. It promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp and reduces dandruff.


Packing: 60 Tablets.

Dosage: 1 Tablet 2 times a day after meal or as directed by physician.

Price: ` 1,400 + Delivery Charges. Details Inclusive of all taxes
` 1,400 + Delivery

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5 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
Ayurveda at it''s best

big fan of Ayurveda and natural remedy, it''s nice to see Ayurveda products promoted by companies this is a good product must-try for all of you

3 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
it''s good Kit.

got this kit because it says Ayurveda an natural. I''m not happy but not disappointed either. Changes visible. Use it to see it. I did it and it''s good.

3 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
No regrets !

using oil for my daughter and myself good for long hair less hair fall. My daughter loves long hair so got this suggestion from husband to buy it.

4 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
ultimately good kit

Kale baal keshamrut ka kamal...

4 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
lambe baalo ka Raj

yet tel woh tel, this kit and that kit, but this kit particularly not disappointing. So Keshamrut Kit is my favorite kit.

4 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
Definitely more than I expected

good for massage of the head and helps cool down after stressful days. Buyt it for the soothing effects and takes care of your hair as well. Going to buy more when mine get''s over. Taking care of dandruff as well. All in one kit

5 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
High quality product

purchased it after talking to friends choice is not bad the kit is good comes with many oils in combination which is actually a good thing one oil not enough for keeping hair good a combination of different oils helps to keep hair very good good for men and females.

4 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
keshamrut ka kamal

ultimately good kit

4 Star
Wednesday 27 July 2016
Effective one..must try this product

changed form coconut oil to this kit and it does more than you regular coconut oil does its job as mentioned.